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The old GED® test has gone away - find out what's next!

Learners who didn't completed all five parts of the GED® test by December 31,2013 will have to start over on the 2014 test or consider the HiSET or TASC alternate assessments.

Learn more about the three new tests and how to help learners start preparing.

What you need to know


About the new assessments


For teachers and administrators

  • Check out KET’s new Fast Forward multimedia learning system for the 2014 assessments.
  • If you have been using GED Connection in your classroom, the downloadable 2014 GED® Test and GED Connection Crosswalk (PDF) can tell you which lessons will help learners start preparing for the new test.
  • The 2014 GED® Test Info website contains a wealth of resources for GED teachers, including an assessment guide, item samplers, a brief explanation of the Depth of Knowledge model, and many other helpful tools. Sign in as a guest to access all the resources.
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For broadcasters

  • The downloadable Partner Station Program sheet tells how KET can work with public television stations to make new educational resources available.
  • The downloadable Partner Outreach Guide includes a matrix of outreach ideas and stories of successful PTV outreach projects from all over the country.

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