GED Professional Development

Free Resources

GED® Test Info (free!)
KET partnered with GED Testing Service® to create two, new, free, for-credit courses to give teachers an in-depth look at the 2014 GED® test.
  • GED®Test Info: Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • GED®Test Info: Mathematics
Each course reviews basic information about the entire GED® test, then delves into more detail about the language arts or mathematics tests. Both also include lots of instructional tips and techniques. At the end of each course, teachers complete a quiz and earn a Certificate of Completion. Check out both courses now in PBS TeacherLine.

GED® Geometry Online PD Course (free!)
Review and build your skills and knowledge of geometry concepts, including measurement; lines, angles, and triangles; perimeter, area, and volume; and the coordinate plane. This course, available on PBS LearningMedia, will also help you prepare your learners for the GED® mathematics test.

Instructional Strategies (free!)
Several video collections in PBS LearningMedia let you watch adult education teachers in actual classroom settings. You will find effective techniques for teaching reading and math, promoting group discussion, encouraging critical thinking, and managing the classroom environment.
Number Operations

Teaching Strategies: Resources for Adult Educators (free!)
This collection of resources features strategies to facilitate learning in the adult education classroom. Included are techniques for promoting group discussion, encouraging critical thinking, and managing the classroom environment. In addition to video segments from actual classroom settings, you will find interviews with the classroom teachers who discuss the model lessons and their teaching approaches.

Tech Teaching Tips (free!)
Tech Teaching is a media-rich blog about how to better integrate technology into instruction. Tech Teaching Tips, a monthly enewsletter, provides great adult education resources, including suggestions for incorporating technology into lessons, links to short educational video clips, and engaging classroom activities.

Guide to the Common Core Standards (free!)
This collection includes video of adult education instructors exploring the Common Core standards. Printable charts and guidelines allow you to follow along and begin working with the standards yourself.

PowerPath Resources (free!)
This collection includes information and video segments of Kentucky Adult Education PowerPath certified instructors screening students with the PowerPath® System to Education and Employment. In addition to the videos, you will find resources that allow you to further explore the PowerPath process.

Measurement and Geometry (free!)
This collection of video segments produced by KET provides resources for teaching measurement and geometry in the adult education classroom. In this collection, you will find individual lessons tailored to specific geometric concepts such as naming angles, finding area, and calculating volume. Each resource contains a video clip accompanied by a printable background essay and suggested discussion questions. Most resources also include teaching tips for application in your classroom.