Professional Development

Onsite Training

Onsite Training
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Customized training with
hands-on practice for teachers

KET tailors workshops to fit specific program needs. Each session is designed to provide maximum opportunity for interactive group learning and hands-on practice.

Call KET and talk to our training consultant about your needs.


1-Day Training (6 hours) Awareness & Implementation Participants explore and use the Workplace Essential Skills, GED Connection or TV411 materials, including workbooks and teacher’s guide, videos, and online lessons.

1-Day Training (6 hours) LiteracyLink Online Management System Participants learn how to use the LiteracyLink Online Management System to interact with learners using the LiteracyLink curriculum materials. Computer lab required (maximum 20 participants).

1.5-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop (9 hours) Trainers learn how to use — and teach others to use — Workplace Essential Skills, GED Connection or TV411 materials.

3-Day Combined Train-the-Trainer Workshop Two back-to-back Train-the-Trainer sessions, each 1.5 days are offered for teachers implementing Workplace Essential Skills, GED Connection or TV411 (choose two). Training sessions begin midday Tuesday and end at noon Friday.