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GED 2002
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What you need to know about the GED Tests – free, online

Whether you're a new GED teacher or a seasoned veteran, you’ll appreciate this free online tutorial offering an in-depth look at the GED exam.

Three self-study guides and a workshop trainer’s manual accompany the website


Online self-paced, professional development is available free at, with a comprehensive overview of each of the five GED Tests, plus quizzes, games and teaching tips to help strengthen your skills.

3 Self-Study Guides give an in-depth look at the GED exam, with self-tests, practice questions, effective skill development strategies, copy masters, and plenty of teaching tips.

  • Mathematics covers problem-solving, the grid answer format, and the Casio fx-260 calculator.
  • Writing includes multiple-choice questions, sentence structure, organization, usage, and the mechanics of writing.
  • Critical Thinking & Graphic Skills addresses these skills as they are tested in the GED social studies, science, and reading tests.

Workshop Trainer’s Manual provides everything trainers need to present workshops for the GED test, with a comprehensive overview of each test, sample questions, group activities, and reproducible handouts in a convenient three-ring binder.