GED Preparation

Pre-GED Connection Level 6-8

Pre-GED Connection
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Pre-GED prep for intermediate learners

Learners come into adult programs with different ability levels across content areas. This series—which includes Pre-GED Connection workbooks, pre-GED lesson plans, and a locator test—allows instructors to customize the learning experience for each student.


5 full-color pre-GED workbooks strengthen graphic literacy and critical thinking skills as well as GED subjects. Chapters include a pre-test, review questions/vocabulary, and stimuli for reflection. See program descriptions or download program synopses (pdf).

Teachers using GED Connection DVDs can follow a crosswalk chart in the teacher’s guide to match video programs with workbook lessons.

A free online component with links to related websites for each workbook lesson at

LiteracyLink Teacher’s Guide helps teachers make effective, well integrated use of the video, print, and online components, with guidelines for using media in the adult classroom. Each lesson plan is loaded with practical information on GED Connection, Pre-GED Connection and Workplace Essential Skills.