Family Literacy

¡Arte y más! Level K-Primary

Art to Heart
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Teaching children Spanish via the arts

This new interactive series helps young students learn Spanish while they sing, dance, role-play, do crafts, and more. Students are immersed in Spanish with lively, culturally rich lessons.


The 60 programs on 9 DVDs — approximately 10-minutes each — are divided into two levels: Level 1 (Programs 1-26) uses introductory level language and focuses on movement concepts. Level 2 (Programs 27-60) deals with visual arts, music, and drama. An orientation program in English for teachers and learners includes additional tips for classroom usage. All of the remaining programs are taught fully in Spanish. See Program Descriptions.

Instructional outlines on CD-ROM for all 60 programs make planning simple with lists of standards addressed, video lesson outlines, objectives, and targeted vocabulary for every lesson.

An Instructor’s Book provides lesson outlines, assessment, vocabulary and songs. Aligned to the National Standards of Foreign Language Learning, ¡Arte y más! also fulfills the literacy component of the NCLB Arts and Humanities standards.