English as a Second Language

Project CONNECT for low- to high-intermediate ESL Students*

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Living, learning, and working in the U.S.

Project CONNECT is designed for intermediate level adult immigrants and refugees studying English in adult education programs or with a tutor. Flexible design makes it easy to use in a language lab, classroom, for distance learning, or at home.


*(SPL 4/5, standardized test scores: BEST 42-57; CASAS 201-220)

Now adults can develop English language skills and learn about U.S. culture — all online — with Project CONNECT at http://pbslearnenglish.org.

Eight learning units introduce the Internet into English language and literacy education, giving learners a way to practice English with video clips, and strengthen computer skills within three themes:

  • Living in the USA explores the meaning of citizenship and community involvement.
  • Learning in the USA introduces the U.S. educational system, planning for education/training, and academic language.
  • Working in the USA helps learners identify careers and find work, improve workplace communication, and learn about the culture of the American workplace.

Reading, writing and listening activities, guided Internet activities, quizzes and comprehension checks offer feedback. Learners access e-mail, use an online discussion board, and save work in a portfolio.

Teachers can review saved student work and test results, and use Project CONNECT’s internal e-mail system to communicate with learners and post discussion topics for the online community.

Project CONNECT’s Teacher’s Guide introduces this innovative online learning system, the intended audience, the role of teachers, the conceptual framework and content standards. The free companion guide, with site map and tips on how to get started can be downloaded at http://pbslearnenglish.org/teachers/connect_teachers.pdf.

Project CONNECT correlates with EFF and SCANS, and can help learners meet state technology standards. Teachers can download the free companion teacher’s guide in PDF format.